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SafesPro memories

Here we would like to share ours photo gallery of some projects  SafesPro team got done in past three years. So you would have an idea what kinda of jobs we can handle.

Quite a challenge to bring gun safe made by  “Liberty safes” upstairs. Staircase with short landing. Great idea to use our back up dolly and Ultra Lift!

Lifting jewelry safe (approx 800 lbs) made by “CASORO” about 24 inches up to place it on the shelf  by using special lift-dolly.

Installing “National Classic 50” made by Liberty in specially designate wood cabinet. Approximate weight is 1200 lbs

Moving commercial rated safe along with unattached metal frame over hardwood floor all the way to front door without a 
scratch! Approximate weight is 900lbs.

Using heavy duty BobCat, to lean 1500 lbs “National security safe” down. 

Installing 65 cubic feet gun safe made by “Summit” inside residential house. 

Other Projects