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Heavy Equipment Moving

SafesPro, provide heavy movers in San Jose and Bay Area. We have custom build Escalate hydraulic drop-deck trailer designed to make moving heavy duty safe and equipment from jobsite to jobsite safer and easier. Trailer move capacities of 7,000 pounds respectively. A simple movement of the joystick lever housed in one of two frame-mounted compartments lowers and raises the decks to and from the ground. With only a 6-degree ramp angle, we can safely load and unload equipment quickly and efficiently. We heave special equipment to do  heavy items Upstairs or Downstairs moving.

We provide Heavy movers to Move next Stuff in San Francisco Bay Area:

  • Heavy Gun Safes,
  • Commercial Safes,
  • ATM Machines,
  • Fire Proof Cabinets,
  • Heavy Furniture,
  • Heavy Appliance Moving: Stove, Refrigerator, Dryer and Washing Machines moving,
  • Hospital Equipment moving  and  relocation,
  • Computer Systems Moving,
  • Statue & Heavy Artwork Lifting
  • Tanks & compressors,
  • IT hardware,
  • Arcade gaming machines,
  • Slot machines,
  • Air handling units,
  • Plant and factory equipment,
  • Racking,
  • Pumps & motors,
  • Industrial freezers & dryers,
  • Centrifuges,
  • Everhot Electric Range Cookers,
  • Commercial Kitchen Equipment,
  • Tools Box Moving